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Hey guys! I'm a mama to two beautiful babies and a wife to the hardest working man I know. 

We live on a working cattle ranch in New Mexico. It's literally in the middle of nowhere! If you could throw a dart in the middle of the state map, that's where we are! Our closest neighbors are about 7 miles from us. It's a 45 minutes drive to the closest fast food and another 15 minutes to the grocery store. My grocery trips are not small! 

I shoot team ropings for the World Series of Team Roping but my true passion is weddings. I love LOVE. Weddings days are so emotional and they take me back to my wedding day which was the happiest day of my life (before Lucy and Jasper came along). Still, my wedding day was a fairytale and I wouldn't have my two cute little ones if it wasn't for that love filled day. My husband cried as I walked down the aisle and made me shed a few tears myself.


I like to capture the raw moments of the wedding day. I want you to look back and feel the same emotions you were feeling that day!   


  • A clean house

  • Dr Pepper

  • A medium rare ribeye-- honestly I just love the spinalis which is the outside rim. My husband hates that part so it works out great! 

  • I don't eat seafood of any kind. YUCK. Don't tell me it doesn't taste fishy because IT DOES!

I believe in love. Capturing emotions & details so you can experience your wedding day over and over for years to come is my mission! 

Collections start at $1600

Special rates for Elopements! 



Let's capture these moments together! 

Sessions start at $400

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A STRONG marriage requires two people who choose to love each other especially on the days they struggle to

like each other.


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